I thought the Nikon DX000 series are similar to the DX0 series, and I really didn’t like its video shooting function because I think SLR‘s job is nothing but taking still pictures until…today when I finally hold it in my hands!

I found this Nikon D7000 borrowed from the J-Library is really fantastic. The quality of the video is unexpected, and I found some interesting functions in it like the fisheye effect.

fisheye effect

I took a picture of my wallpaper and add the fisheye effect on it : )

I couldn’t wait to use this lovely machine to shoot some pictures after the class.

Here’re some of the pictures I took for the assignment “Seeing the Red.”

red leaves

the last touch of red left by the autumn

red car

exercise of shooting moving stuff

a ren fan

The cranes on the fan are the symbols of longevity.

a red Chinese knit

It's a decorative Chinese knit in our apartment.

cola & kisses

It's not a commercial. It's art!

a girl wearing red nailpolish and skirt

a girl wearing red nailpolish and skirt