To me, blogging was something like writing a dairy or weekly journal, which is only used to communicate with close friends or even totally private. After yesterday’s lecture, however, I found what the journalism school wants us to do is to feel the magic effect of this mass media: to attract a large population, and then interact with them through this new media. That’s what a personal journal, at least an ordinary college student’s personal journal, will NEVER do. So, I decided to have a try. I’ll try to alter part of my blog’s role into a service platform.

Besides all the necessary qualities Amy Simons mentioned a successful blog should have: frequency, a good topic and engaging the readers, there are still some common characteristics shared by all the hot blogs, and I will list them here for you to try and learn:

  1. Basically, a serve-aimed post has a magnetic title like the one of this article which you’re reading. It points out the value your article is going to provide to the readers. So, give a little bit more time for thinking about your headline!
  2. A short, clearly formatted post with pictures, video or other multimedia is much more attractive. Don’t just pile your words up.
  3. No one except your family and friends may know about your blog if you don’t go to them. Commenting on other blogs or forums in your niche is a good idea to get a few visitors. But if you want to reach the public, submit your articles to a social bookmarking site like Digg, Delicious or Stumbleupon after your blog contains quite rich content. I will definitely try after I add more posts to my blog!

Here’s a link to The Two Most Important Words in Blogging, it will give you more advices on how to serve and catch your readers better.