A bunch of beads hanging over a Halloween bucket like the pumpkin's hair.

an overlooking angle of those beads

These two pictures are two detail photos of the same object from different angles.

I chose the one on the right first, but my friend Yoyo said the one on the left is much better. She wowed when she first saw this picture. “It’s so cute!” Haha, I didn’t notice those beads are like the hair of the pumpkin at first. So, showing your pictures to others is a good idea, because unexpected surprise will come!

A note: From classmates’ works, I learnt that a detail photo is not just something trivial, you need to give a close-up to a certain part, which contains information or is special, of your object.


A volunteer sticks tags on the donated clothes.

A volunteer sorts house cleaning supplies.

This group contains two portrait photos. The right side is the original one I picked for the assignment. The disadvantage is that the person in the picture is not THAT dominant, and his expression is not vivid enough. So, I chose the one on the left because it meets the requirement of “head and shoulders > 50 %,” but I don’t like this one because the person is out focus and you can get no idea of what she is doing from the photo. Definitely need more improvement in shooting people!!!


Donated items pile up at the east gate of the Memorial Stadium. (taken from the stairs)

Another scene setting of the donation sorting (taken on the ground)

The first photo is a try at a high point. The extension of the sight field is obvious, however, I’m not satisfied with the composition. I think the one on the right looks better though the space appears not as big as the former one. At least, the objects fill in the frame in a more enjoyable way. I don’t know what’s your opinion ; )

I hope I can get learn something from every practice and comparison, and I will be more glad if they can bring you any help!

Here‘s a link to National Geographic’s Photo of the Day, I feel good photos are all about love for life and keeping trying.