Anybody figured out how to publish your soundslides work online? It’s so annoying that you got your work done but nobody can see it…

Before I start to talk about the video thing, let’s have a look at my slideshow for the Pitch In event. I lost myself in the Soundslide Plus tutorial teaching you how to publish your work on the website, but finally, I came up with the idea of recording the screen, so I turned it into a movie format and upload it onto the youtube XD. Take a look.

Back to my topic today! We finally start the video part this week. Can’t wait! Video is the most vulnerable part of all my professional skills of journalism because no formal training before at all. But apparently, it’s an indispensable ring in the whole chain of the convergence journalism. So…Catch up on it from today!

As my project schedule is not perfectly matching our process, I had to do the video part even before we finished our audio slide show. After the lecture on Monday, I reviewed my clips and recalled how I did the interview, and listed some mistakes I made as followed:

  1. Forgot to remind the interviewee to repeat my question! That’s really annoying because you will find as you cannot use your voice in the clips, the words she said don’t make sense when you isolate them.
  2. Overlooked detail shots. I did keep in mind to change my angles of shooting, but didn’t realize the necessity of B-rolls. Luckily, we only need 30 seconds of clips, I hope the few detail shots will work during my editing. The biggest difference of shooting videography and photography is that, you need to have a plan, or, let’s say, have a play-script beforehand.
  3. Didn’t bring enough memory card. I brought a 4G SD card with me, and found it was full after having 20-minute-content when I just started feeling better at dealing with this machine! And do you know how upset you will feel when you see something interesting but you can not get them in your camera. So, bring cards with enough memory! Thus, you don’t have to push yourself into a hard decision of which clips you have to delete, etc…
  4. I did an interview with the volunteer coordinator before, so on the sale day, I didn’t plan to do another interview. But I found it was so stupid not to talk to those people who waited there since 5 in the morning. They will make the video look more real. You know, a conversation like that will be more vivid than an interview carefully arranged.

As the Pitch In was a one-time event, most of the mistakes cannot be made up : ( Fortunately, there are more chances for me to get improvement in my final project!

Here I found a link to a youtube video teaches you how to shoot video that doesn’t suck. Some of the tips are already covered by the lecture, some are new…and interesting.