Excited! My first video shot and  produced on my own is born!

It’s just a small 30-second clip (how I wish it could be longer), but I did devote myself in it. Thanks to Oscar Cui, who was waken up by me at 5 a.m. and sent me to the stadium.Thanks to Arianna, who showed great patience and tolerance to my continuous bothering. : )

When you are editing such a short piece, you really need to know what to give up. Thanks to Olga’s advice, I learnt that don’t be afraid to show some good scene to a fully extent and don’t hesitate to cut off something dispensable. From my own experience, I still wanna say, show it to as many people as you can to get advice. I find myself insensitive when I’m immersed in my own work for a long time. This time, it’s Iris’s words that drove me to put the scene of the sunrise at the beginning [I guess she has forgotten  : )

I shot this video before the lecture about the video, so I actually didn’t realize the importance of close-up when I did it. So, I used some tricks in editing it. Like the close-up of the safeguard sending out the yellow flyer, it’s done by “digital zoom in.” I didn’t shoot this detail in my camera, but “make” this clip by adjusting the size of the clip on FCP. So, as you can see, the quality of this clip is not as good as the others. But still, it can work when there are no make-up methods.

The first project is finally done, and good luck on Andrew and me with our final one! (We guys are so LUCKY that we are in the only group with only two members T.T)