Just posted all the stuff for the final project on the website. Can’t believe we’re so ahead of our schedule! We spent two mornings with those kids at the Independent School, and it’s indeed a fun camp. My history class also entered a crazy period with one essay due tomorrow and final next week. So frustrating!!! It’s sooo good that we have done everything before head, so now I can spare my mind for those historical events ; )

We touched a little bit mobile journalism in these two weeks, and I have to say there’s one thing you will never catch up with in this world — the technology.

We learned in Monday’s lecture how the new convergence tech is triggering more audience engagement, Like the “touch” function. Some leading media in the convergence area Mr. McKean introduced truly broaden my eyesight. Besides the Newsy I’m working for, the “game-effect” ad on the Magazine Wired is really fun! This kind of interactive commercial managed to get rid of the problem that “everybody hates ad.” It make the audience want to jump into the ad because it is fun like a game! He also mentioned something like the HTML5, though I did not understand very well what it exactly is.

I noticed an interesting detail that Mr McKean tested everything before the lecture, from the video in his powerpoint to the demo on his ipad, to make sure they work well. That might be the habit of a convergence person, because if those machines die, you will “die,” too.

And we did some practice last week, as you can see in my past posts sent via iphone. I still remember the doubtfulness my interviewee cast on me when I aimed her holding this smart phone. She must be thinking about: “Are you really a journalist?? This is my first time seeing a reporter using a cell phone to take pictures!”

Here’s a piece talking about the mojo. As it says, “mobile is just another tool that belongs in any journalist’s gear bag,
” what really matters is the story you’re telling.