I feel like I’m living in a dream this week.

Lukas and I spent three nights in row hanging out at a homeless shelter when everybody else was at party. On the first night, we talked to people and finally got  approval to do an interview from some of them. Excited? Don’t be happy too early! We asked for people’s cell phone numbers, but when we called them on the second day, those cell-phones were all not in service! So, we went there again for a second time. This time, we made appointments with them: “Shall we meet you at 1:30 at Peace Park?” “Yeah, sure, anytime you want.”

Standing in the rain and with two video cameras, two tripods and one SDL lying on the grass in the Peace Park, we could do nothing but to wait and tell ourselves: yes, he will come. And 45 minutes passed, no signs of his coming. Maybe we should go to Hardee’s to see if he might be there, Lukas suggested, as he mentioned he would go there to grab a coffee every morning. Then we went there, with 0.00001% hope. Guess what! When we almost stepped out of the door with disappointment, I turned around and saw a man with back against us. That pair of shoes looked a little bit familiar to me! And…. you’re right, it’s HIM!

Finally, we went to the Stephens Lake Park and did the interview. Though we found the wireless mic broken and it rained for a while, but, finally, we DID it, and I got THREE kisses from that old man…I just can’t believe that…> <

All right, let’s talk about the hostess. So excited about the Missourian Quad project! I talked to the chancellor’s wife today and she’s soooooo nice! Looking forward to exploring this fantastic house, which is both the oldest building on campus and the chancellor’s home : ) They say it’s like an interview with Michelle Obama, hahaha.