an hourglass on my desk

Can’t believe I survived this week. Every second in the past week, I was running against time.

I kept using caffeine to wake me up, but it also bring me headache and shaky hands.

On the last night in the shelter, we said goodbye to Frankie, the homeless dog, just like two old friends. It was the first time for me to devote so much time to a story. I will probably keep those nights in mind for a long time. Dim lights, old furnitures, a television with cartoon on. We sat in the couch “casually,” but were actually thinking about how to strike up a conversation with one of them. It took time to open people’s hearts and get their agreement to be on camera. It took even more time to wait for or pray for people showing up at the interview.

This week was stressful and constraining. I can still feel how desperation hit me harder and harder every time people just didn’t show up, and the desperation grew when we were going back and forth for hundreds of times to search for them.

Please pardon me complaining so much. I really need to say them out to relieve my stress.

4804 taught me, if you can not get rid of stress, then you need to learn to live with it. C’est la vie. Learn to manage time better.