We all admit people are watching more and more videos online. The story doesn’t end here. One study shows, the device type matters! Tablet users watch videos nearly 30 percent  longer than those who watched on desktops, and they completed videos at double the desktop rate. That says, tablets are shaping viewers’ behavior in new ways.

Another survey also finds that tablet viewers watch more video and are willing to pay a higher price for that video compared to smart-phone viewers. We have to say tablets are made for videos. Why’s that? First, all the tablets and mobiles are easy to carry with. Then, given a choice, most people seem to prefer watching videos on the biggest available screen.

So, it might be a little bit surprising to see the amount of viewing on the “smallest” screen–the mobile phone–is also very high. Yep, the high level of video engagement isn’t just limited to tablets, it seems true of all mobile devices. For non-desktop video media, mobile devices owned the biggest share of total hours played, with 48 percent, while plays on tablets accounted for 45 percent.

The study definitely helps media publishers like Newsy learn better about their own customers. The conclusion we can get from the study is — developing strategies for tablets will be one of content publishers’ major tasks in the near future. With viewers watching 28 percent longer per play on tablets compared to desktops, the publishers on tablets can catch their viewers’ eyeballs for a longer period of time.

Besides, an article on Tech Crunch pointed out — no doubt advertisers will be taking note of this, too. The tablet market will certainly be targeted more frequently with mobile advertisements since it’s now the  significant source for video viewing. Unicast blog told us an interesting fact that  watching a video is now the top post-click action that advertisers try to entice consumers with. Ad campaigns that allow users to watch a video after clicking on an ad now already make up 31 percent of all campaigns on phones and tablets.

But, we also need to notice when it comes to videos that are 10 minutes or longer, people prefer to watch on a bigger screen! Long-term videos make up 30 percent of the hours watched on mobile devices, 42 percent on tablets, and nearly 75 percent on connected TV devices and game consoles.