The second day without the pressure from coming up with story ideas. A little bit lost.

After posting this blog, it’s time for me to officially say goodbye to 4804. I never thought this moment would come so fast.

It seems like a happy ending with out final story quite satisfying. For this final story, we skipped the classes, stayed late, woke up early, rushed through our lunches (if we were lucky enough to have time to have a lunch), I switched all my shifts to the weekend after the deadline, and we were the last group who stayed at the futures lab till 8:55 (five minutes before the deadline). And good news is it will be on the Extra Sports! Haha, no pains, no gains.

The funniest thing about this story is neither of us is a sports fan, but luckily, with the help of our student editor and dear faculty member, we finally made it! YAYA!

I think I learned a lot from this class, not only the reporting skills. I learnt a lot from these lovely partners. LD is always so positive and working with her is always so happy and relaxed. Yeah, she’s like the sunshine. It’s her suggestion that the yellow team in yellow on the last production day. : ) LU is a perfectionist, who sets really high standard for himself and others. Talented, hardworking, and detail-focusing. They all gave me some kind of inspiration.

Thank you, 4804, and  thank all the people who walk along with me.