Today I went to the Quidditch practice to shoot some videos.

I planned to use this as my video gathering assignment, but finally realized it might nor be easy because sports is so hard to shoot!! Especially when you tried to shoot some sequences, you would find it’s too fast to catch every step of an action. Also, it’s not exactly repetitive, so it’s hard to make up a scene if you miss one.

In shooting sports, I am afraid that I have to use a lot of panning because I want to follow the subject at most times. This is my first time to shoot sports, and the first time to shoot videos with a SLR on a tripod. It’s different as I am used to press the zoom in/out botton instead of switching the lens to adjust the distance. It’s also hard to see the screen if you want to set the camera on the ground.

I used up the space of the SD card I brought today, but didn’t really get a lot of b-rolls that I am satisfied with. I will try to go and shoot again this coming week and see if I can do any better.