The materials I have collected:

1/ Audio interview with Xan, the secretary of the Mizzou Quidditch. + Nat sound collected from the game. I will use these as the audio for the audio slideshow, which is about how the team has been struggling to get the org status from the university, and to become an official member of the International Quidditch Association.

(This has also been used as the audio story i have submitted.)

2/ A sit-down interview with Andrew Crawford, who is a chaser on the team. Also, I got plenty of B-roll of him practicing. I will edit the video over the weekend, and this will be an example of the four videos which portray four different players on different positions.


Future plans:

1/ Also, I have made an interview appointment with Erin Miller, a beater on the team, next week.

2/ I am also planning to take photographs for the audio slideshow when they practice next week.