I have never been loving NICE weather so much!

Great weather, great game. This Saturday, the Mizzou Quidditch team had a wonderful competition with Webster. Got a bunch of photos and videos. They won and i really enjoyed the game. More important, I think i did a better job than the last time because I know what kind of scenes I wanna get this time. As Jonathan suggested, I made a list on my notebook, like:

I need

– a close shot of Andrew

– a scene of the ball being picked up by Erin

– a scene of XX running in and running out…

I guess it’s getting better partly because I’m getting familiar with these gears this time, but still heavy.

Besides, I started working on the graphic a little bit. Got a draft of a tiger on the broom already. (I am too shy to show it here though =] )

I have scheduled an interview with the captain on Monday at 230, so I might not be able to get to the lab on time. Also, got the latest news that they have got the org status, so I will talk to them again to have some updated info.

That’s it. I think.