Living windows setting in Maude Vintage

Employees and the owner play in the window of Maude Vintage. So fun!

Makes Scents window! The cowboy is the son of the shop owner, and the boy who is taking picture is his classmate! 🙂

Cuuuuuute window of Bluestem!! These kids keep waving to us and never feel tired.

Christmas songs played every where. It's just Dec 2@@

Living window of GLIK'S in downtown. Their theme is Charle Brown's Christmas~ Snoopy! Yeah!

I didn't get this. But the music was warm and funny.

Jeff, the reporter I shadowed, was on the screen in the live reporting truck. It's chilling outside {{{{{{> _ <}}}}}}}}

It’s said this event has been held in Columbia for two decades. One more reason that makes me love this little town.