Heading home this Friday! Looking back to the half summer spent here at Mizzou, I found it truly stressful, but still worthy.

The intern at newsy gave me a chance to know how this convergence media company is running, and their new-born newsy China is still exploring how to enter the Chinese mainland media market, which is controlled by the government. I feel like if newsy China can launch China some day, it will be a win-win stuff because it might become one of the many powers that are pushing the news reform in China. My mind goes too far, haha. So far, we upload those videos on Youtube, and Youku. The dilemma we are facing now is that Youtube is blocked in mainland, China, so the audience is limited. the censorship. But on Youku, many videos related to some “sensitive” topics will be deleted, like the aircraft carrier and Ai Weiwei we did.

The J2150 class is not a hard one, at least in summer. The pace of one assignment per week was just right. And the best thing of this class is that you really learn a lot when you expose yourself to those machines and interviews. It was a successful class as a starting point of one’s convergence path.

It was the last post for J2150, but not the last one of this blog. Hope to see you soon!